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Loch an Eilein, Cairngorms

Arguably one of the best walks on our website, and a really great option for a day out near the mountains, with a young family. 

Loch an Eilein

START Loch an Eilein car park

DISTANCE 3.14 miles

TIME 2-3 hours

PARKING Loch car park 

ROUTE CONDITIONS A mixture of forest track and path

REFRESHMENTS Small shop near car park

TOILETS Car park




From the car park, navigate your way down to the Loch, where a bench and small beach area mark the beginning/end of the walk. This is a great spot to take in the view of the castle/island, with the mountains in the background.

The path is best followed anti-clockwise, and is quite clearly marked all the way around. There is very little need for a route description here! There are at times, paths that branch off from the main path, but they are mostly well signposted, and there really is very little chance of getting lost. Go anti-clockwise, and keep the Loch on your left!

There is a bench about halfway around on the western tip, which is ideal for a break/picnic with a view. The path is broad and well surfaced all the way, and although not flat (it gently climbs in places), it is not hilly.

There are many beautiful old Caledonian Pines to see along the way, and the route does vary between being closer to the Loch, and slightly further away into the trees at times.


Our 3.5 year old did make it all the way round, which we weren't expecting, but she was really excited to achieve it, no doubt helped by being fuelled by lots of Rocky Road! 

Loch an Eilein

Tot Tips:

Factor in plenty of time for stops. There is so much for a little one to stop and look at, that you could easily end up spending the whole day at the Loch.

View and download Garmin GPS route here

Get directions to start point here

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