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Updated: Mar 13

A very warm welcome to our little website and blog!

Soon after our second daughter was born, and we were struggling to find somewhere different and toddler friendly to go for a family adventure. We found somewhere, but we spent most of the walk talking about how difficult it was to find somewhere different from our usual routes. There didn’t seem to be any resource available that fitted our needs, which is very young family, so fairly easy accessibility required, but also away from it all in the peace and quiet of nature.

On the drive home, we decided that maybe we should create that resource ourselves. So here it is! This turned out to be a much more difficult undertaking than we expected. With a young family, jobs and the usual household tasks to undertake, finding time to create this website was very difficult.

The end result, which is actually just the beginning, is not quite as comprehensive as we planned, but it is a start, and we hope to grow this project over the coming years.

Fingers crossed families out there discover us, and find some pleasure in one of the adventures on the site. We also want to give parents the confidence that they can be more adventurous with babies - and toddlers can walk further than you might think!


Alex and Emilie xx

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